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Data room software permits businesses to complete transactions in line with buyer, investor and regulatory requirements. It offers a highly secure environment to share confidential documents, streamlining the due diligence process and boosting efficiency of deals.

In a market that is extremely competitive, it’s essential to find a solution that is suitable for your business. iDeals provides a free trial for you to test the platform and determine if it can meet your requirements. It is simple to use and easily be configured to satisfy your requirements for a data room. You can personalize your workspace for collaboration, upload your logo and change theme colors. It is compatible with multiple languages, and the interface is mobile-optimized.

A robust search function allows you to quickly find the document you need, and an intelligent preview feature lets you see only a tiny portion of a document before it’s opened. A comprehensive audit log and two-step authentication of user identities help you keep track on all activities within the data room.

During the due diligence process for M&A or restructuring, it’s common to receive questions from the opposing party. A effective Q&A system can help to streamline this process and help keep negotiations moving forward in time.

A central library as well as a customizable folder structure can help you keep track all your files, not just the most important ones. Drag-and-drop lets you to upload several files simultaneously. You can also set the access rights of each file, limit downloading or printing and monitor activity through detailed reports.

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